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Yaşam Tarzı Finans
Geliştirici: The Money Charity

If youre trying to stay on top of your finances by sticking to a budget, its a good idea to keep a record of everything you spend - but it can be hard work writing it all down in a notebook. Spendometer is an application that makes day-to-day money management simple and practical. It enables you to set yourself a budget, log your spending and view your spending reports. The Spendometer shows you how much of your money has been spent so far in a given week or month, it also has a feature that helps you to keep track of your spending on a night out!

Just get in the habit of every time you buy something simply entering the amount into the Spendometer on your phone and it will do the rest. You can set your own spending limits and choose whether your spending will be reported weekly or monthly.

Spendometer will provide you with the essential tool to ensure you make the most of your money.